Do you enjoy bookkeeping? No? Thankfully, I do.

Hi! I’m Paula.

Sometimes called the Numbers Counselor, because I take the stress out of your bookkeeping.

I help small business owners, like you, learn the why & the how of their bookkeeping.

I have over 15 years of accounting experience helping small non-profits and other small businesses. Working with me, you will gain more confidence working with your bookkeeping, whether you use QuickBooks, Sage 50 (formerly PeachTree), Wave, Xero or other accounting software.

Listen, I know bookkeeping is probably the last thing you want to do. Today or any day. As much as I enjoy working with numbers, talking about numbers, reading about numbers and making sense out of numbers, even I need a break.

I get it.

But, because of my experience, I also know how important YOUR numbers are to YOUR business. Today and every day.

It’s not enough to have numbers or to see them. You need to read them AND understand them. Let me say it again.

You need to UNDERSTAND your numbers.

That’s where I come in.

One day, I consulted with a client who needed some fundamental understanding of her numbers. She didn’t need me to handle her bookkeeping; she was a DIYer. She was trying to do it herself. AWESOME! I high-fived her (literally) and told her she was brave for rolling up her sleeves & digging into her numbers.

She looked at me, thanked me for the high-five & gave me a slight grin. Then, she leaned in and explained she “sort of knew” how to do her bookkeeping. See, she told me that she looked at her banking activity almost every day and printed her clients’ invoices in Word. When I asked how she tracked the invoices, she told me she kept a log in Excel.

She waited for my response. And I knew the one she expected.

She thought my once happy smile would turn into a disapproving frown. Perhaps accompanied by a shake of my head and an “oh, dear”.

Instead, I told her “way to go!”

I explained she tracked more information in her business than many business owners – small or large.

She had the numbers. She saw the numbers. Those are good steps. I wanted to help her go from good to great!

I wanted to help her READ her numbers and UNDERSTAND them.

She was a DIYer with her bookkeeping and she received my wholehearted support and guidance.

With my help, the overwhelm she felt was gone. The burden of tackling her bookkeeping was a memory. She had clarity around her fundamental processes (the WHY of her bookkeeping) and the steps to move forward (the HOW of her bookkeeping).

No fancy accounting jargon – only plain English. No fancy accounting calculations – only basic math, like the kind she used for her invoices.

She gave me a fun gift. A new nickname. “Numbers Counselor”, because she said I honed in on the overwhelm and like a massage therapist, I kneaded the knot until it caused no more worry.

Whether you’d like do-it-yourself bookkeeping or to have it done for you, I’m glad to help! Please get in touch & let’s chat!