Small business owners wear a lot of hats. I know, I am one.

Too often, we work more IN our businesses than ON them. We’re busy, we’re tired, we’re stressed.

Do you own your bookkeeping or does it own you?

Not ready for on-going bookkeeping help, but would like an extra set of expert eyes to know your bookkeeping is on the right track?

I’d love to partner with you towards your success!

I offer consulting (extra set of expert eyes) and training (get on the right track) tailored to your needs.

I can help you if you’re using QuickBooks Online or Wave Accounting. Or a spreadsheet. Or paper & pen.

No judgment.

Learn more about me.

For more information about how I may best help you with my eyes and over 20 years of accounting experience,  schedule a day/time on my calendar or contact me.