A Toolkit to Boost Your Business

Here’s a list of small business resources some of my small business clients and I find useful.

(Why the picture of a cat? Because cat pictures are great ways to perk up your business. Just kidding … No, I’m not.)

I don’t own the websites listed below and therefore am not responsible for their content. Please be aware some links may be affiliate links.

Small Business How-To

SCORE Association – A non-profit dedicated to helping small businesses start, grow and sustain! Lots of resources available on-line or at local chapters. Check out their 5-Workshop Program.

SBA – The U.S. Small Business Administration – this organization offers education and funding opportunities to small businesses.

Small Business Software

Accounting Software

Wave Accounting – Accounting software best suited for small service-based businesses and solo business owners (“solopreneurs”). Wave is free, but also a great way to move away from beloved pen & paper or spreadsheets.

QuickBooks Online – One of the best known accounting software available. Fairly easy to navigate, but the interface and reporting may not seem user-friendly at first. Paid subscription required.

Project Management Software

Asana – This is one of the faves in my toolkit, because I juggle bookkeeping client projects and my other projects on an on-going basis. I use Asana to brainstorm, plan & track projects from start-to-finish, as well as recurring projects.

The flexibility of this software to fit a solopreneur (solo entrepreneur) like me, but also to scale up for growing businesses and teams is one of its best features.

Trello – While some users may think there’s a battle between Asana & Trello, it’s truly a matter of preference. I like Trello and have a couple of Trello boards, but Asana is more intuitive to me.

That said, I know a lot of small business owners who live & breathe by their Trello boards.

The project & task views & features are similar to Asana, but try them both & see which you prefer.

Document Management Software

Box – One of my must-haves (and must-recommends) for secure document storage. It has an intuitive interface and it’s easy to use, even as powerful as it is. You can store and edit documents. If you’re on the go, then go with Box.

Dropbox – This is also one of my must-haves/must-recommends. Like Box, you can get more storage space, if needed. I use Dropbox almost as much as I use Box.

Evernote – I haven’t even begun to tap into all the wonder that is Evernote. I spend most of my time with tags & the Web Clipper. If you want to put something in a binder or notebook, but want to keep it digital, Evernote may just be the answer.

Hubdoc – Love this software for gathering financial documents for my clients, so I can see them all in one place. Bills? Check images? Bank statements? Credit card statements? All YES!

And, besides managing & storing documents, Hubdoc syncs with a lot of accounting software including QuickBooks Online.

SmartVault – Another awesome software for sharing & storing files. Like Hubdoc, SmartVault syncs with QuickBooks Online.